Trial Graphics & Courtroom Exhibits

At Photo Mission we are familiar with the daily tasks of a law firm and what it takes to win cases and settlements. Our team of experienced photo technicians, graphic designers and video personnel can create the court exhibits and trial graphics you need to come out on top for your clients. Our trained photographers will be able to photograph even the smallest of injuries or evidence giving you the upper hand. Our team of Illustrators can create the medical illustrations that you need to convey a strong message to a jury. We can create day in the life video presentations as well as accident point of view with narration and text. Recreate a crime or accident scene using a custom made trial diagram or story board.

Lawyers know how important it is to create a strong lasting impression on a jury. The right courtroom visuals can help your law team win the case.

  • Jury boards  
  • X-ray duplication
  • incident timelines
  • survelience video editing
  • injury photographs
  • audio editing
  • scanning services
  • visual aids
  • MRI exhibits
  • anatomy illustrations  
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Accident Diagrams
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Enlargements & Mounting
  • Trial Graphics
  • Video Services
Spinal Cord court exhibit Sciatic Nerve court exhibit

Illustration of knee injury

Medical Illustration of LEFT KNEE INJURY

Accudent recreation diagram


mri enlargement for trial mounted

Elbow fracture enlarged and mounted on foamboard for trial exhibit